Overall the program is to teach fire prevention in the home and how to evacuate in the case of a fire. The first portion is geared towards our Elementary School aged kids (usually 10 years & under).

The first 10 min there is a video on fire prevention and fire evacuation.

We teach about smoke alarms. What they are. Why we need them, How and when to change the batteries.

We go over electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, lamps), where they should be charging and their placement to prevent fires.

We talk about not obstructing doorways and stairs with any objects.

Knowing how your doors lock and planning escape routes in the house.

How do we get out of a bedroom in case of emergency? We talk about windows and how they unlock and open... When/how to evacuate out the window in an emergency.

What do we do if our bedroom is upstairs? The importance of safety ladders and knowing how to get the attention of the firefighters.

Why we need a "safe meeting place" outside of our home. Where should this safe place be vs. where it should not be.

After the above is explained, the instructors demonstrate the process. First, the students are given the scenario of a fire in a 2nd story bedroom. The students then do a practice run of all of the evacuation steps that they have just learned out of a window. Next, they are brought back into the house where we fill it with smoke and they evacuate a 2nd time. This time, going from the 2nd story down to the first floor and out the front door. The final destination is the "safe meeting place."

Once students are outside and the drill is concluded, we talk about things that were done incorrectly and how to correct them. We also take this time to emphasize the importance of not returning into the house for any reason (personal items, phone, pets, family members, etc.).


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