The NIPSCO building is our newest addition. It was completed around Spring of 2014. It serves as the classroom for gas and electrical safety, 811 call before you dig, and additional services.

A NIPSCO inspired mural was painted on the inside by Lake Central student volunteers.

Showcases a birds-eye view of Safety Village (circa 2013).

Crew of Home Depot volunteers giving their building a fresh coat of paint and other small repairs.

Because of a generous donation made by Enbridge, Safety Village was able to create a Butterfly Habitat on our grounds. The Habitat promotes a balanced ecosystem supplying Safety Village with an abundance of fauna for all visitors to see. It is maintained by our selfless volunteers who have dedicated countless hours into making this project a success.

Safety Village has partnered with Enbridge to construct a tank farm. This scaled down version tank farm will serve as an interactive learning experience teaching children how fuel is stored and pumped through piping across long distances. In addition, there will be a classroom and control room effectively providing learning opportunities as well as entertainment. Children will learn the significance of 811 and other natural gas dangers. Safety Village applauds Enbridge for their continued support and engagement within the community and at Safety Village.

Lake County Master Gardener's hosted a summer gardening camp at Safety Village. The Master Gardener's work with children and their parents planting vegetable plots. Food harvested was used to make healthy meals, and donated to the local food pantries. A fall camp will start on Saturday August 15th. Interested parties please check out Events on homepage.

Railroad Experience

Administration Building is completed and ready for the children to attend. This is where they receive their classroom teaching before the “hands on” experience.

Safety Village Police Station

The Survive Alive House is completed and prepared for children. The electronics and lights to make it “come alive” and look like a home on fire still needs to be installed. This is the “Heartbeat” of the project. Kids will go inside, learn how to exit safely and dial 911 for help. They experience the look and sounds of a real fire which will teach them how to react in an emergency. They also get used to seeing a real fireman in their gear which sometimes has scared children but now they can learn by “hands on”.

Safety Village Gazebo

Safety Village Looking West along North Street

Safety Village Looking West along South Street

Our Statue of Liberty overlooks our pond.

Newest addition of our caboose. Will be open for touring in 2009.

This layout of the entire project was built by the students at Lake Central High School. Everything is in scale to make this a mock site even down to the details of cars in the parking lot and the flag flying on the pole. Their work is being displayed every time a meeting or demonstration is held. Our thanks go out to those who helped on this model.

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