Tri Town Safety Village Saves Lives

The Tri Town Safety Village represents Dyer, Schererville & St John. This is an actual child-sized town that includes replicas of local businesses, a full size Survive Alive house and real railroad and street crossing areas complete with working train crossing and stop light equipment. Four acres at 1350 Eagle Ridge Drive in Schererville is the ideal location for the village. Just West of the Schererville BMW dealer & next to AMC 12.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our administration building and this will be the start to a fascinating visit for you and your children. Many years of study, design and testing, by many dedicated professionals in the field of law enforcement, fire safety, water safety, architecture and construction, resulted in a working model city in which children can learn and have fun at the same time in the Safety Village.

This project involves local police and firemen from each town. Classroom and field activities are included along with programs dealing with pedestrian, drugs and stranger awareness. "Rules Of The Road" are learned in a safe environment. Example: half of the children walk and act the role of pedestrians while the other half is introduced to the road by driving miniature vehicles throughout the facility.

Further education from the CN Railroad & "Operation Lifesaver" teaches how dangerous railroad crossings can be along with train safety and why you do not play on the tracks or throw items at trains.

Children will also learn home hazards, bicycle, electrical, and basic water safety as well as their regular lessons.

Locally, programs are incorporated as a field trip for kindergarten through 5th grade. All other age groups can be served with custom designed programs, including those that are geared to the handicapped, Boy & Girl Scouts, elderly, church groups, etc. This facility is open to all of NW Indiana and the surrounding communities.

The Survive Alive House is a full size, two story, house which utilizes modern special effects technology to simulate an actual fire. The walls glow red, the doors heat and windows flash just like a real fire. Then the smoke enters the rooms and the children must get low, feel the door and learn how to survive during the simulated fire. They must then exit the house and dial 911 to summon help. It is designed as a safe environment where children can practice home fire escape plans while becoming familiar with real fire situations and learn a fireman in gear is not scary, he is a friend.

This project, to the best of our knowledge, is the largest Safety Village in the United States. We are here due to the generous donations of many businesses, volunteers, etc. The Safety Village hosts different fundraisers throughout the year to help defray the costs.

Visitation: Attendance is by appointment only, please call the office for time and pricing. We structure the program according to age, size of group and time available. Occasionally we host an OPEN HOUSE however, call for times and dates available. Please feel free to contact the office at your convenience. 219-865-9600 or you can visit our website at

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501(c)3 so your donation is 100% deductible